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Breaking New Ground

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Engineering staff advisory council

As part of an effort to continue improving college processes, we have established the Engineering Staff Advisory Council (ESAC) - an advisory group to the Dean on staff issues. The ESAC will serve as a sounding board from which advice/counsel can be solicited on staff related matters within the College, and a communication channel to the College staff regarding items in the college.  A strict confidentiality will be maintained regarding concerns brought to the Dean’s attention as well as deliberations on those matters. Presently, there are five staff members on the ESAC.  They are Melissa Fay (mfay@lsu.edu), Vera Watkins (vera@csc.lsu.edu; CS), George Ohrberg (george@eng.lsu.edu), Andi Donmyer (adonmyer@lsu.edu; PETE) and Trisha Lawhon (tlawhon@lsu.edu; MIE).

2011 Edward j. steimel staff excellence awards  

George Eldredge, computer analyst, and Polly McKenzie, admisitrative coordinator for the Department of Mechanical Engineering, were recently awarded the 2011 Edward J. Steimel Staff Excellence Awards. 

George's nominator said, "He is widely respected by the faculty and staff for his technical knowledge and willingness to help." Polly's nominator said, "She is simply invaluable."

The Edward J. Steimel Staff Excellence Award is awarded to recognize a College of Engineering employee whose performance is commendable. This annual award was instituted in honor of Edward J. Steimel, the former director of development for the College of Engineering.